About LMNC

The League of Multinational Corporates (LMNC) is a body set up with the objective of creating a platform that would facilitate the continuous dialogue between the top multinational entities and the Government of Sri Lanka.

The multinational corporates have long been the engines of growth, bringing in much needed investment to Sri Lanka. Last year alone MNCs contributed over Rs. 150 billion to the state in taxes (9% of the total tax revenue) and generated over Rs. 300 billion in turn over. However, instability and unpredictability in the operating environment continue to hamper the ability of these corporates to realize their true potential and thereby drive economic growth in the country.

With the formation of LMNC, we have established a forum in which multinational businesses and their heads in Sri Lanka can identify and discuss business opportunities and challenges among themselves and with the Government of Sri Lanka to create a favourable, stable and predictable investment conducive environment. LMNC will also provide member entities the opportunity to explore synergies and share expertise as a group, for economic development of the country by promoting the development of trade, commerce and investment in Sri Lanka.



A stable and predictable operating environment for multinational corporates in
Sri Lanka.


Establish a unique platform to maintain a continuous dialogue between Multinational Corporates and the Government of Sri Lanka.


  • Promote and develop, trade, commerce and investment of MNCs.
  • Identify and discuss opportunities, challenges and synergies among MNCs and with the GOSL.
  • Share expertise of MNCs for the economic development of Sri Lanka.